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What is Dekhockey?

Dekhockey is basically 3 on 3 ball hockey or floor hockey.  It is played on a sport court like surface or “dek.” We will install the dek flooring in mid March on the outdoor studio rink at the Watts Center in Glencoe.  The studio rink is 100 feet long by 55 feet wide.

The equipment required is a helmet, gloves, shin guards, gym shoes, and stick.  Dekhockey is played with an orange street hockey ball.  All equipment is available for rent or purchase in our pro shop located on site at Glencoe Dekhockey/Watts Center.

Here are a couple of videos from our other locations that give and idea of what we are bringing to Glencoe:


League Information

Youth leagues are available for boys and girls between ages two and fourteen.  Once a player reaches fourteen years of age he/she can play in the adult leagues.

Youth leagues start on Sunday, May 2nd and continue through the end of June.

Adult leagues start up the first week of April and run through the end of June. Games will be played about once a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays nights.  Teams consist of 7 to 10 players, including one goalie.

There is a referee and a scorekeeper for every game.  Live stats are kept on the scorekeeper’s iPad and updated in real time on our website.  Such stats include goals, assists, shots on net, and goalie save percentage.  Standings for each team in each division are also kept.


Contact Information:

John Scully



Glencoe Dekhockey at the Watts Center

305 Randolph St. Glencoe, IL 60022