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Glencoe Dekhockey announces player rankings, divisions, and salary caps!

By Shark Media & Sport-Wednesday 08 Feb 2023

‼️Glencoe Dekhockey is excited to announce player rankings, divisions, and salary caps for the 2023 Men’s/Coed Dekhockey Season‼️

◾️Please be sure to look into the divisions for the upcoming season and what the new player rankings and restrictions are for each division!
◾️Players ranked D2+ and higher are not allowed to play in the D4 Division.
◾️Players ranked D2 and lower are allowed to play in any division
◾️To see a player’s ranking:
-go to
-click on “Players List”
-search any player by name in the search bar and beside his/her name will be their “forward” and/or “goalie” ranking.
◼️NEW PLAYERS – If a player is new and not ranked on the Glencoe Dekhockey website or on the National Dekhoceky Association (NDA) website, the team captain MUST email to get a ranking for the player in question. There will be no NR (unranked) players.
◼️If you are concerned about a player’s ranking and would like a ranking review, you may email for the player to be “re-evaluated”.
◼️Please email us if one of the following:
If you have a new player that isn’t ranked.
If you have multiple player profiles (please note: it is normal to have (1) “sub” profile and (1) “regular” profile).
If your “sub” player profile and “regular” player profile both have different rankings.
If your Glencoe Dekhockey ranking is different from your ranking.
If you have any concerns about your ranking.
◼️It’s a team’s responsibility to make sure their roster is legal when signing up for the season.
◼️All players MUST be at least 14 years old to play in the adults league. A player who is turning 14 during the regular season will be allowed to play.
◼️A maximum of (10) players can be rostered on a team.
◼️The NDA has the right to change a player’s ranking/restrictions if judged necessary.
‼️All season information about the Men’s/Coed, Women’s, and Youth leagues will be posted February 9th.
‼️Registration will officially open Friday, February 9th!
We can’t wait to see you back on DEK this spring!😎
If you have any questions about the rankings, salary caps and divisions, please email us at